10 Best Places To Visit In Norway I Europe Travel Guide

The quintessence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: it is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. From hip urban cities to glittering fjords, northern lights and dramatic waterfalls, Norway is an alluring country, packed with things to see and do. 

There is an element of fantasy to this intricately wrought land. Norway is a postcard perfect country; pointy mountains, sat behind vibrant turquoise fjords, enchanting conifer forests, log cabins buried in snow and animals you’ve only seen in documentaries – such as wild reindeer, orcas and even polar bears.

This is a land sculpted by the sea, shaped by the elements and defined by light, or the lack of it. It has forged a people who are nature-obsessed, quietly welcoming, independent, healthy and wise.

In this video, we look at the top 10 must-visit places during your trip to Norway.

We’d love to hear your favourite places to visit in Norway in the comments.


0:00 – Intro
1:27 – Ålesund
2:27 – Tromsø
3:22 – Trondheim
4:42 – Jotunheimen
5:50 – Svalbard
6:46 – Oslo
7:47 – Karasjok
8:50 – Lofoten Islands
10:16 – Bergen
11:53 – Geirangerfjord
13:07 – Outro

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