Today we are sharing these Europe travel tips and tricks including things to know before you visit Europe, how expensive is Europe, how much is a trip to Europe, when to visit Europe, how to save money in Europe, how to travel Europe cheaply and a Backpacking Europe guide.

Europe is a great place to explore, offering so much history and culture plus amazing food. It can be expensive and, with multiple languages across the different countries, it can be a challenge to plan.

100 travel tips for visiting Europe –

1. Budget your trip

My first tip is to budget your trip. Before you book anything, work out how much you can afford to spend on your trip and use this as your budget for trip planning. Europe can be expensive so make sure you leave a bit of extra cash from your budget.

Cheap European Destinations –

2. Plan as much as you can before you travel

Europe has fantastic travel options and hotels, but because of the prices and yearly events across the continent, it is best the you plan as much as you can before you travel. Create a spread sheet, plan which trains, buses or flights you are going to catch and book it before you travel.

3. Check the Europe Travel Visa requirements

If you are from the EU, you won’t need a visa to travel around the content. However, beginning in 2021, US citizens will need a ETIAS visa when entering the EU.

4. Book early

As we mentioned before, booking your travel and hotels ahead of time is the best way to go. The earlier you book, the cheaper the prices; especially when booking up airfare.

5. Check the holidays

Europe has different school holidays from the US, so check the school holidays before you travel. You don’t want to visit a city that is crowded with tourists when it could have been avoided.

6. Get a Europe Rail Pass

The railway network around Europe is fantastic, so use this to get around. If you are a European citizen, you can get an interrail pass and if you are a non-European citizen, you can get a Eurail pass. Do your research on the rail network before you visit and use these routes to plan your trip.

Interrail pass –
Eurail pass –

7. Pack appropriately

Europe is a big place with a diverse range of weather. Always pack layers, bring a raincoat and of course, comfortable shoes. That being said, try to pack as light as possible, you don’t want to be heaving around heavy luggage when catching trains around Europe.

8. You can’t see it all

Europe offers some incredible places to visit and amazing experiences to try but you can’t see it all. Choose your must see destinations and spend plenty of time in them – don’t try to whiz from city to city or you will get burnt out and not enjoy the trip as much.

9. Use public transport

Whilst in each country, get your head around the transportation and use it. Taxi prices add up whilst most buses and trains around the major cities are easy to navigate and affordable.

10. Carry cash or debit card

In Europe, many stores will use chip and pin, meaning your US credit card may not work. Be sure to carry a debit card and/or cash as you travel the continent.

11. The Euro

Most countries in Europe use the Euro as their form of currency. However, not all EU countries do so check in advance. Currently, countries that do not use the euro are Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the UK.

12. Use the safe

Europe is a fairly safe place to visit but there can be pick pocketing in the major cities. We recommend you keep cash in your hotel safe and only take out what you need for that day. We also encourage you to wear your cash; whether you get a money belt or fanny pack, or even a small shoulder bag.

13. Book attraction tickets in advance

Europe is an incredibly popular place to visit and is suffering from over tourism. Don’t miss out on those must see attractions by booking tickets in advance and arriving early, especially when visiting places such as the Eiffel Tower, Vatican, Colosseum and London Eye.

We hope you have an incredible time in Europe, which destination are you most looking forward to visiting? Let us know in the comments below.

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