First Trip to Europe! Travel Day + London Museums, Hyde Park, London Must Dos // London Vlog #1

Welcome to the first day of our first trip to Europe! This is going to be a fun trip! We start our travel day in Portland and travel to London with a layover in Dallas and then visit a bunch of must dos in London.
When we arrive in London, we head to our hotel via the Underground to drop off our bags and check out our room at the Hoxton Holborn. It’s a great room!
We are off to see some sights now, starting with the British Museum, which is a quick walk from our hotel. They have a lot of really cool artifacts on display, like a thorn from Jesus’ crown, actual mummies, one of the Easter Island statues, and the Rosetta stone.
Next is the Natural History Museum. On our way there, we discuss some differences between England and the US. At the museum, there are so many dinosaur displays! Rachel loves dinosaurs, so we really enjoyed it.
The rest of our day is spent at Hyde Park, Harrods, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Thames River, the London Eye, and taking a double decker bus to Piccadilly Circus and the Theater District. To end our very busy first day, we stop by Sainsbury’s for some dinner and a treat and then head back to our room to an anniversary surprise.

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00:00 – intro & trip overview
00:40 – traveling to Europe
04:03 – arriving in London
07:35 – Hoxton Holborn shoebox room tour
09:10 – the British Museum
12:35 – the Natural History Museum
14:39 – Hyde Park
16:42 – Big Ben and Westminster Abbey
18:55 – Thames River and the London Eye
19:14 – double decker bus ride to Piccadilly Circus
20:07 – surprise in our room + Sainsbury’s haul

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