10 Best Places to Visit in Europe (2022) – Europe Travel Video

With its breathtaking historical old towns and medieval fortresses, Europe is home to many top destinations. Cities full of life, with energetic nightlife and stunning architecture together with countries full of natural beauty, Europe is one of the most beautiful continent to visit.

You’ll experience rich cultural and historical sights in Spain and Italy, and be thrown away with places like Lavender fields in Provence, France. You can walk through the magnificent streets of Istanbul or enjoy the nightlife in Spain.

A vacation to Europe is beneficial year round, with Christmas markets in December and beautiful scenery of colours in fall. Not to mention destinations in summer where everything is flowery and warm.

This Europe travel guide, will present to you the most amazing places to visit in Europe for the best possible experience. The destinations include places like Oia, Santorini, Lucerne, The Blues Mosque, Istanbul, Bruges, Lofoten Islands, Gullfoss, Lavender Fields, La Sagrada Familia, Hallstatt and Tuscany.


0:00 Intro
01:27 Oia, Santorini
03:10 Lucerne
04:08 The Blue Mosque
05:16 Bruges
06:24 Lofoten
07:20 Gullfoss
08:08 Lavender Fields
08:47 La Sagrada Familia
09:37 Hallstatt
10:19 Tuscany