3 Best Travel Credit Cards of 2022 | Fly to Europe with the best credit cards for travel rewards

Wondering which credit card is best for travel? We’re sharing our top 3 travel cards that can help you travel cheaper and easier! (Hint: This is how we get FREE flights to/from Europe!)

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01:18 Best Travel Credit Card for Beginners
02:30 Best Travel Credit Card w/ Advanced Features
04:26 Best Overall Travel Credit Card


➡️ What is a TRAVEL CREDIT CARD? By signing up for one of these travel cards, you can earn enough points and miles to get:
✈️ Free & cheap flights
🛏️ Free hotel rooms
💵 Business class upgrades
🛋️ Airport lounge access
🚗 Rental car access
…and so much more!

Since our channel is about traveling Europe, we’re sharing the 3 best credit cards for international travel, all with annual fees below $100. And we’ve included one for each of the following categories:

Best Beginner Travel Credit Card:
This credit card is worth at least $450 and is great to use for restaurants and groceries while you travel!

Best Advanced Travel Credit Card:
This card is easily worth $800, and potentially much, much more! It’s great for booking flights to/from Europe (with a few, more advanced techniques).

Best Overall Travel Credit Card:
This travel credit card combines the best aspects of the previous two, and is worth at least $660. But we’ll show you two techniques that can increase its value to over $2500!

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