A Towertop Sunset In Prague | Europe Travel Vlog 4

An afternoon of mid-Winter sun plus the rest of the trip in Prague! I’m a final year Computer Engineering student at the University of Pretoria (Tuks) but also do a whoooooooole lot of other stuff. Check out the rest below…

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It was really beautiful to see the sunset from the top of the Old Town Hall in Prague. It was bitterly cold and icy when we were there and this video reflects that – that snow on the rooftops was felt and appreciated!

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This video contains Christmas markets, a river cruise, the Argentina VS France soccer World Cup final in an Irish bar and lots of walking as always.

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My name is Mitch Williams and I’m a twenty-three year-old living in South Africa. I am really passionate about learning, technology, space, reading, hiking, always improving and am studying Computer Engineering at The University of Pretoria (Tuks). These videos are a way of remembering my life and to possibly help out some other future varsity students get a sense of what they’re in for.

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