Budapest CHIMNEY CAKE TOUR! Must try street snack! | Europe Travel Vlog

While traveling in Budapest, we decided to go on a CHIMNEY CAKE TOUR! Some call them trdelniks, some call them spit cakes, and in Hungary, they are called kürtőskalács. We love them! In this video… we will prove it! We love food tours, and this one was all about the sweet cinnamon and sugar covered chimney cakes found in shops and stands all over the gorgeous city of Budapest!

We toured all over Budapest and found the best chimney cakes we could. Watch along and see which one gets the best ratings!

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00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Kató Néni
03:19 – Chimney Cake Shop
05:14 – Molnár’s Kürtőskalács
08:18 – Édes Mackó
10:44 – Fitzkey Chimney Cakes
12:24 – Karavan Street Food Market

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