EUROPE Travel Deals (2022)

2022 Europe Travel Deals. Best Places To Travel In Europe in 2022. Europe is expensive, but 2022 has some insane discounts and great travel deals up its sleeve. My top 5 bargains were increasingly popular and expensive before the pandemic, but are now cheaper with way less crowds. Hi guys, my name is Rok and I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling around Europe as a tour guide and I’m a tour guide and I want to show you my 5 favorite 2022 European travel deals with affordable and less crowded destinations.

TOP 5 Bargains in 2022 Europe:
00:00 Intro
00:28 5. Ljubljana, Slovenia
01:53 4. Istria, Croatia
03:30 3. Budapest, Hungary
05:13 2. Prague, Czech Republic
06:39 1. Athens, Greece

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If you have any questions about any of these places, leave them in the comment section. Also share your thoughts, your ideas and your experience about Europe.
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P.S.: Rok is a traveler, a cinematic vlogger and a tour guide. On this travel channel he is combining his 21 years of travelling experience, his 11 years of filmmaking experience and his 10 years of tour guiding experience.

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