Europe Travel During Covid – [YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED]

Europe Travel FAQs: Can you travel to Europe during COVID-19? Are there any travel “loopholes?” Find out the top four most frequently asked questions about travel to Europe from restricted countries during coronavirus. LIST OF QUESTIONS:
1) Can you travel to Europe if you live in an approved country but have a restricted passport?
2) Can you transit through Europe on a connecting flight?
3) Can you travel to Europe to visit a significant other or loved one?
4) Can Europeans travel to the US?

* Schengen Visa Info News:
* Travel State Dept:–travel-from-europe.html#ExternalPopup
* European Union Website:
* Couples Travel:
* July 16 EU Travel Update (countries list)
* Travel during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Disclaimer: This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please check with your airlines, embassy, and travel authorities before traveling during or after the coronavirus.

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