Europe Travel: EU Calls for End to COVID Restrictions

EU Travel: EU Recommends To Remove All Covid Restrictions

In a major development, the European Union has announced that it is recommending the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions in member states. This includes lifting mask mandates, social distancing measures, and capacity limits on public events. The EU has cited the high vaccination rates and declining case numbers as reasons for this recommendation.

This decision has sparked controversy, with some arguing that it is too soon to fully relax restrictions while others believe that the measures have gone on for too long and are no longer necessary.

In this video, we will explore the EU’s recommendation and the arguments for and against it. We will also examine the potential consequences of ending COVID restrictions and what this means for the future of the pandemic.

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0:00 EU Travel: EU Recommends To Remove All Covid Restrictions

1:14 EU Travel: EU Recommends To Remove All Covid Restrictions

In a statement, the Council of the European Union calls on member states to remove any restrictions on travel on the grounds of public health and enable the full freedom of movement within the bloc

Spain was the final EU country to drop its COVID entry requirements in October…

2:12 Future Of Free Movement Around The Bloc

The Council pointed out that in case the epidemiological situation worsens, and the Member States have the need to address the situation, appropriate restrictions should be imposed in a coordinated manner, which may include vaccination, proof of recovery or testing…

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EU Travel: EU Recommends To Remove All Covid Restrictions


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