Europe Travel Guide in SINHALA (A-Z Planning, budget, costs & tips) | Sri Lankan Couple (ENG Sub)

In previous video, we explained about the Schengen visa process to visit European countries. A lot of you asked questions about planning a trip to Europe, budget, hotels, navigation and many other things.

So in this video, we are discussing a lot of information and tips about accommodation, food & beverage, seasons, climate, cloth, useful mobile apps, transportation methods, Eurail pass, city tour bus, luggage storage, Day-pass, rent-a-cars, sim cards, mobile data, currency exchange, accessories and Europe travel budget. We have provided cost indications also for these sections. All these details are based on our experience since all the trips that we do are planned by ourselves. Following is the video timeline if you wish to focus on specific information:


0:00 Intro
0:46 How to find Accommodation/Hotels as per your budget?
0:57 How to use to book hotels?
4:20 How to use to book accommodation?
6:26 Managing Food & Beverage in Europe
8:25 What is the best time to visit Europe and required cloth as per Seasons & Climate?
11:30 Which Mobile Apps can help you while travelling?
11:41 How you can easily navigate using Google Maps?
13:22 Google Translate can solve your communication issues!
15:01 Transportation Methods in Europe
15:33 What is Eurail train pass?
15:57 In which countries you can use Eurail pass?
16:42 How to choose the best Eurail pass which suits your travel plan?
20:29 Important things to know about Eurail pass!
21:47 How to plan all your train journeys with Rail Planner app?
22:57 Are train seat reservations mandatory in Europe?
24:31 How to fill Eurail travel calendar?
24:59 Where to order Eurail pass?
25:29 Let’s avail Eurail pass discounts!
26:41 Eurail pass or regular train tickets?
28:46 Let’s explore with City tour bus!
29:42 How to use Luggage storage?
30:01 Let’s save travel cost with Day-pass!
31:00 Rent a car and drive as you wish!
31:27 How much does Rent-a-car cost?
32:34 What would be the Fuel cost?
33:17 How to get International driving permit?
34:00 What Car rental options are available in Europe?
34:49 How to book Rent-a-car online?
37:40 Things to check while renting a car!
38:47 Explore Europe with Cycles and Boats!
39:16 Sim cards & Mobile Data for travel
39:59 Currency & Money exchange
40:42 This Power Adaptor can work in many countries!
41:41 Europe Travel Budget

You may post a comment in this video in case you want to know anything else related to the content. So that we will respond to your query. We wish that the information provided by us would help you in planning your trip to Europe.

Thank you. Cheers!

Recorded in 2021
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